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On time, frequent and comfortable

Bussveien is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system being constructed to connect urban areas in the municipalities Sola, Stavanger and Sandnes. Upon completion, it will be the longest busway in Europe. The BRT system aims to become a high quality, high capacity core network in the public transportation system on Nord-Jæren. Bussveien will have its own design and become a hallmark for the region. Bussveien consists of separate lanes for buses, cars, bikes, and pedestrians. As of now, 7 out of 25 subsections are completed.

Bussveien is the largest project in «Bymiljøpakken». The main objective is zero growth in car-traffic and improved mobility for all transport groups.

Length: 50 km

Three bus lines: A, B, and C

Completion date: 2023 (line A+B)

Rogaland County Council is in charge of the project.

Contact us on e-mail if you have questions regarding the project: bussveien@rogfk.no​​​​​​​

Kolumbus AS will administrate the traffic on Bussveien. The public transport company is in charge of acquiring buses, infrastructure, and arranging a control center.

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